Health Care

I have worked as a zoo and wildlife veterinarian since 1998, working at some of the worlds largest and most important zoological institutions. I have worked with a wide variety of species from rhinos to reptiles.

I specialise in developing holistic health and welfare protocols to encourage the highest standard of care for captive exotic animals. I can develop preventative medicine, nutritional and husbandry protocols for your animals working with your keepers and veterinarians to ensure individual and pragmatic guidelines working with you to implement them. I have been instrumental in developing contingency plans and emergency protocols for notifiable diseases in zoos. This service can be provided to you alongside to assisting in implementation of the Zoo Licensing Act and Balai Directive. I can advise on all other aspects of veterinary policy and legislation.

I can undertake veterinary service reviews, assessing your current veterinary provision and producing a comprehensive report detailing current performance and areas for development.

I have produced a Preventative Medicine Workbook for the British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquaria to assist zoos in the production of a programme which complies with both Zoo Licensing and Balai Directive requirements.

Balai Directive

I had policy responsibility for this complex and poorly understood legislation EC Directive 92/65 (The Balai Directive) for several years. I represented the UK at European negotiations on additional policy, rewrote the implementing guidelines for the delivery services and provided training for government officials on behalf of the European Commission.

I have unparalleled understanding of this legislation and I am able to assist with all aspects of approval and preparing for your inspection.

Import & Export

I have significant experience of arranging, supervising and facilitating imports and exports of zoo animals. My final role in Defra was as head of imports policy. I have vast experience of international movements including inter-continental moves of apes and rhinos.

You can see me in action in the following video importing Gentoo Penguins to the UK for The Deep in Hull:

In response to much demand I am making my Animal Movements Flow Charts available below. Please note these are for guidance only – you should refer to official information and your local animal health office as well.

I will take no responsibility for problems arising from general advice provided on this website including these charts.

Files for download:

Download Imports PDF Download Exports PDF

I can arrange and manage all aspects of zoo animal transportation from obtaining certification, to travelling with your animals to ensure their health and welfare during transit.