I have designed, undertaken, commissioned and reviewed theoretical and applied wildlife health research. I have published a number of papers in peer-reviewed journals, and I have been on the advisory boards of a number of high profile research projects. My particular areas of interest include conservation interventions and captive breeding, surveillance methodology, new and emerging diseases, the wildlife/livestock interface, wildlife disease control and disease impacts on biodiversity.

I am actively seeking participation in collaborative research projects on any aspect of wildlife health with academic and NGO partners, either as an investigator or in an advisory capacity. Please contact me to discuss your opportunity.

Risk Assessment

img_1095.jpg I have developed unique expertise in qualitative wildlife disease risk assessment, and have published several papers using this technique. I have also worked on a variety of livestock and equine disease risk projects and have contributed to Defra’s risk assessments during notifiable disease outbreaks.

I can undertake qualitative risk assessment or provide training to individuals or groups in general animal health risk assessment techniques.

Disease Surveillance

I have recognised expertise in wildlife disease surveillance having managed wildlife disease surveillance in England and Wales for 6 years. I designed, established and co-ordinated the Great British Wildlife Disease Surveillance Partnership which brings together government agencies, academia and non-governmental organisations into a consortium undertaking disease surveillance in all wildlife species across GB. I have lectured nationally and internationally on surveillance, detection and assessment of new and emerging diseases.

dsc_0269.jpg I specialize in wildlife disease surveillance: either scanning surveillance for on-going assessment of wildlife diseases or specific targeted surveillance for specific diseases. I can advise on all aspects of establishing and managing surveillance programmes in accordance with international accepted standards.

Veterinary Advice

img_0031.jpg I have provided exceptional quality expert advice to government ministers, the Chief Veterinary Officer and the European Commission through my role as the Head of Wildlife, Zoological and Aquatic Animal Health for Defra and also to zoos, universities and non-governmental organisations. I have developed national control strategies for notifiable disease in feral boar and the wildlife components of revised rabies and avian influenza control strategies. I have been a member of the veterinary command centre for 10 notifiable disease outbreaks in the UK providing advice directly to the Chief Veterinary Officer. I have provided advice to biodiversity policy making and to conservation, research and captive management projects throughout the world. I have chaired seven different governmental expert committees relating to wildlife disease including the Ornothological Expert Panel, European Bat Lyssavirus Advisory Group and the Feral Boar Experts Group.

I can specialist expert veterinary advice on all aspects of zoo and wildlife management and science. However large or small your issue, I can ensure you have the best available evidence for decision making.