I have experience of designing, supervising and undertaking both pure and applied biological and veterinary research in the field and in captivity.

I have worked in wildlife rehabilitation with many species including vultures, wombats, koalas, primates, tortoises and UK wildlife.

I can provide management, health advice and veterinary care to projects world-wide. I can ensure your project has access to affordable or free specialist skills. This can be on a one off, ad-hoc or continual basis.

Conservation Interventions

dsc_0432.jpgRe-introduced cranes on the Somerset LevelsI have particular interest in the management of conservation projects involving translocation, captive breeding and re-introductions. I developed the assessment framework for the UK Government wildlife licensing regime which ensures disease issues are addressed in conservation work. I is a co-author on the recently published IUCN guidance on disease risk-assessment and is veterinary consultant to the RSPB advising on disease risk associated with their common crane, great bustard, cirl bunting and corncrake re-introduction programmes.

Technical & Emergency Assistance

image.jpg I have provided technical and emergency assistance to zoos and captive animal centres in developing countries providing advice and support to those in the field.

I visited Hanoi Zoo, Vietnam on behalf of the World Pheasant Association in 2000 producing a comprehensive report on the potential of the zoo and its associated research centre as a conservation flagship.

image183.jpg In 2004 I lead a mission to Abidjan Zoo, Ivory Coast on behalf of the African Association of Zoos and Aquaria to provide emergency veterinary care to animals during the civil war.Image(183)

I am able to provide both emergency veterinary assistance and undertake assessment and evaluation missions to developing zoos or provide advice and support to organisations working in the field.