As a List 1 Secretary of State's Zoo Inspector and previously a senior Defra official, I have gained considerable experience of working with zoo licensing, providing advice to policy officials and to zoos on implementation of the Zoos Directive. I represented animal health colleagues on the Zoo’s Expert Committee.

Defra Secretary of State’s Inspector

I may be appointed as the SoS Inspector for your Zoo Licensing Inspection.

Local Authority Inspector

I am available to act as a Zoo Licensing Inspector appointed by Local Authorities who organise the inspection and are responsible for the act’s implementation in their local area. I can provide expert advice at all stages from issuing a new license, applying for dispensations or for undertaking inspections as part of the Local Authority team.

Support to Zoo Operators

I am able to provide you with advice and support on all aspects of zoo licensing policy and its implementation in your collection however large or small. I can help with your application, responding to issues raised in your inspection or developing the supporting documents required.

Please note – I cannot provide this service to you if I am appointed as part of the inspection team for your zoo and will not be eligible to be an inspector on behalf of Defra to your zoo if I have worked for you in any capacity in the last 2 years.