My results in policy development and legislation reform for the benefit of UK and European zoos speak for themselves. I had been key in allowing zoos to vaccinate against avian influenza and blue tongue, reforming BALAI Directive implementation in the UK to facilitate animal movements, removing the need for rabies susceptible zoo animals to spend six months in quarantine and most recently contributing to legislation allowing the import of ungulates into European Zoos from countries outside of Europe – a massively important development for many EEP programmes.

Policy Development

I have developed unique skills and experience in my time in the civil service and I can apply this understanding of evidence based decision making in the zoo and wildlife field. I have considerable experience of the policy making process from concept through to implementation including public consultation, impact assessment, risk assessment and stakeholder management and communication. I have experience of working with high level officials within government, European Commission officials and MPs, Ministers and Members of the House of Lords.

I am able to develop evidence based policy for your organisation or work with you to interpret, negotiate or implement national and international legislation. I am able to manage your stakeholder communications, faciliate workshops, respond to formal and informal consultation or ensure fair and accurate inforcement. I will work with you to address legislative problems and challenges

Representation & Negotiation

I have negotiated policy and made formal representation at an international level representing the UK at the European Commission and have been the UK OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) Focal Point for both Wildlife Health and Aquatic Animal Health. I have vast experience of chairing working groups, advice forums and decision making bodies – leading parties to agreement even in challenging situations.

I am able to represent and negotiate for your organization on all aspects of wildlife, conservation and zoos, either locally, nationally or internationally – working to achieve your desired outcomes