Matt has considerable experience in developing welfare legislation and codes of practice. He was a co-author on the Defra Welfare Code for Primates.

More recently he has had a key role in developing a new legislative framework for the licensing of circuses. Although this has been extremely controversial, Matt has focused on ensuring that the welfare of the animals is assessed accurately and that the best possible care is provided to these animals.

Matt is particularly interested in how the welfare of captive wild animals can be assessed and how this auditing process can be used effectively to improve standards of care for the animals. This means that a process must be easy to implement and understand but comprehensive enough to identify the often subtle signs of poor welfare. Matt has designed and implemented welfare auditing processes for both Hobbledown and Twycross Zoo and is now part of a BIAZA working group which is aiming to develop further welfare assessment tools for zoo keepers, managers and veterinarians.