Services for Local Authorities

Zoo Licensing Act - Local Authority Appointed Veterinary Inspector

As a List 1 Secretary of State's Zoo Inspector and having completed the City and Guilds Certificate in Zoo Licensing, I can be appointed as Zoo Licensing Veterinary Inspector representing any Local Authority. I can provide services for renewal, periodical, special and informal inspections. I have been involved in enforcement actions and have experience as an expert witness.

Inspections for the Dangerous Wild Animals Act

With comprehensive experience of working with all the species listed under DWA, I can provide the necessary expertise as a veterinary inspector to Local Authorities.

Inspections under the Animal Welfare Act (Licensing of Activites Involving Animals) Regulations 2018

I have completed a large number of Pet Shop, Dog Breeders and Boarders and Keeping/Training of Animals for Exhibition as a listed Veterinarian and can provide these services to any Local Authority. I have recently progressed a case to prosecution and acted as an expert witness.

Inspections and Enforcement Actions under the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)

Working alongside Local Authority Health and Safety inspectors, I have investigated accidents (including a fatality) in zoos. I am familiar with the requirements of the legislation and am able to provide expert advice to investigations and am prepared to act as an expert witness.