Collection Planning & Registrar Services

Collection Planning

A range of collection management services can be provided. These extend from projects to develop collection plans in accordance with European Association of Zoos and Aquaria regional collection planning guidelines to maintaining and implementing your collection plan on an on-going basis.

I have developed my own Collection Planning Process which takes into account the resources available, enclosure requirements, commercial opportunities and visitor experience alongside the potential contribution to conservation, education and research. This is then modified by a 'Cost/Benefit' assessment to make collection planning directly relevant to broader master planning.

My wide network of contacts across the world and my involvement in a number of Taxon Advisory Groups results in me having my finger on the pulse of those species requiring holders, available animals and links to research and conservation initiatives.

A number of zoos use my on-going curatorial support service to assist animal managers and curators to manage the collection. Only a few hours of my time each month could make a significant impact on your collection's impact on vistor experience, commercial opportunities and conservation and educational opportunities.

Previous Projects:
  • Collection Plan Development for Twycross Zoo
  • Collection Plan for Longleat Safari Park
  • Collection Plan for Hobbledown

Current Clients:

  • Masterplan implementation for Fife Zoo
  • Ongoing 'Collections and Scientific Advisor' for Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Registrar Services

I can provide assistance to zoos with Registrar services including all aspects of managing and maintaining ZIMS. I have clients that pay me an ongoing retention fee to provide registrar services rather than employing their own staff member but I am also happy to provide support for specific projects. Having managed EEP programmes for many years I have completed both the EAZA Basic and Advanced Breeding Programme Management Courses and use ZIMS for Studbooks routinely. I am happy to provide assistance or manage an EEP on behalf of your zoo.

Having gained considerable experience of arranging, supervising and facilitating international imports and exports of zoo animals from both Europe and further afield including inter-continental moves of apes and rhino, Zoo and Wildlife Solutions can source, arrange the necessary certification, undertake health examinations and travel with your animals if required. I work with a trusted network of transporters and agents to ensure problem free transports and the highest welfare standards.

You can see me in action in the following video importing Gentoo Penguins to the UK for The Deep in Hull: