Zoo Management

Zoo and Wildlife Solutions provides a range of advisory and consultancy services to zoos, farm attractions, private holders and NGOs.

Obtaining Zoo Licences

I have a 100% success rate of guiding facilities through the process of applying for a new zoo licence and the initial inspection processes. I have supported new zoos and the guided the progression of existing attractions into licensed zoos.

Preparing for Zoo Inspections

Do you really understand the requirements of the Secretary of States Standards of Modern Zoo Practice ? Do you know how the new implementation guidance impacts you ? I can provide consultancy services to review your operations and prepare for your up coming inspection.

Obtaining Balai Approval

Despite Brexit you still need to have Balai Approval. I had policy responsibility for this complex and poorly understood legislation EC Directive 92/65 (The Balai Directive) for several years. I represented the UK at European negotiations on additional policy, rewrote the implementing guidelines for the delivery services and provided training for government officials on behalf of the European Commission. I am able to assist with all aspects of approval and preparing for your inspection.

Health and Safety Management and Risk Assessments

Having many years experience of producing risk assessments that comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act, I can asseess your operations and complete a portfolio of practical and realistic 'Standard Working Practice' documents and Risk Assessments.

Welfare Assessments and Auditing

Welfare audits are increasingly being recognised as a valuable tool to objectively assess aanimal health and welfare. I have designed welfare auditing processes for a number of small and large collections. I can undertake welfare assessment and auditing producing a comprehensive report and action list to guide animal care advances in your zoo.

Veterinary Service Reviews

A veterinary service review will assess your current veterinary provision and producing a comprehensive report detailing current performance and areas for development against zoo licensing, Balai and Animal Welfare Act requirements and current best veterinary zoo practice.

Clinical Case and Post Mortem Annual Reviews

The production of annual reviews of clinical veterinary cases and post mortems is a zoo licensing requirment very commonly overlooked. This scientific, statistical review can indicate trends in morbidity and mortality identifying biosecurity, husbandry and welfare concerns and so are a valuable tool for advancing welfare.

Preventative Health Care, Contingency Planning and Nutrition

I specialise in developing holistic protocols to encourage the highest standard of care for captive exotic animals. I can develop preventative medicine, nutritional and husbandry protocols for your animals working with your keepers and veterinarians to ensure individual and pragmatic guidelines working with you to implement them. I have been instrumental in developing contingency plans and emergency protocols for notifiable diseases in zoos.