Enclosure Design & Zoo Masterplanning

I have wide experience of enclosure design ranging from a single exhibit to whole site master planning.

My services can range from project managing your development completely, working with your appointed project managers providing the specialist technical expertise to architects and contractors or reviewing and providing ad hoc advice as required. Which ever approached is taken I will ensure the facilities are designed and constructed to meet legislative and 'best practice' requirements.

Completed Projects:

  • Meerkat, Otter, Wallaby and Mara Enclosures - Hobbledown
  • Aldabran Giant Tortoise, Owl Aviaries, Tiger and Lemur Walkthrough - Twycross Zoo
  • Meerkat, Porcupine - Derby College
  • Events Animals, Giant Panda Enclosure and Giraffe Facility - Edinburgh Zoo
  • Roloway Monkey, Red Howler Monkey, Smooth Coated Otter, Red Panda - Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Current Projects:

  • Entire Zoo Development Plan - Fife Zoo
  • Entire Zoo Development Plan - Heart of England Wildlife Park