Conservation and Research Programme Management

All zoo licensed premises are required to make an active and impactful contribution to conservation, education and research.

A collection box, enclosure signage and a few nest boxes are no longer sufficient!

For smaller collections and even many medium and large zoos, this is a real challenge with limited finances, resources and expertise available. This is especially relevant post 2020 when zoos are serously struggling and many scientific posts have been lost.

Zoo and Wildlife Solutions can design, develop and manage your conservation, education and research programmes to deliver affordable, innovative programmes with academic quality outcomes and real impact so you can ensure your organisation is exceeding legislative requirements and really making a difference.

Using my wide network of conservation and academic partners, experience of developing collaborative programmes, obtaining grant funding and publishing in peer-reviewed journals I can develop and manage a programme beyond the resources of a single zoo operating alone. My connections ensure that I always have conservation projects waiting for support and research projects needing investigation. All of the research that I manage has been commissioned by either EAZA Taxon Advisory Groups, government agencies or conservation NGOs.

I can either design and develop your portfolio as a single project or be appointed as a retained consultant to manage your portfolio. working alongside any permanent staff to provide support and additional skills. The service is competely bespoke and can include conservation, eduction and research or just one of these areas.