Publication in Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research

The Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research (JZAR) provides a forum for rapid publication of novel, peer-reviewed research papers, reviews, technical reports and evidence-based case studies. Through their living collections, zoos and aquariums are uniquely placed to contribute to conservation-related research.

In the second issue Zoo and Wildlife Solution novel work on evidence based decision making in zoos using risk assessment has been published. This work focuses on SIV in Debrazza monkeys.

Matt is the Veterinary Advisor for the EAZA Old World Monkey TAG and has developed a series of risk based recommendations on how to manage SIV in EAZA managed programmes. Your can read more in the research pages.

Here is the link to the article in Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research

Texan Penguins Heading for Hull

Zoo and Wildlife Solutions is working for The Deep in Hull to assist them in importing some very exciting new additions to the aquarium. A purpose built South Georgia themed exhibit will open in December for a group of Gentoo Penguins.

The Penguins are coming all the way from Moody Garden in Texas and so this move requires both 3rd Country Avian Import Legislation and Balai Directive Approval. As Matt was Head of Imports for Defra for several year he is able to co-ordinate this move which will be undertaken by our friends at JCS Livestock.

Elephant Reproduction Research Underway

Matt leads the Reproduction and Social Behaviour working group of the UK Elephant Welfare Group. This completely voluntary commitment is an important contribution to addressing concerns about the welfare of elephants in UK zoos.

Chester Zoo has recognised Matt's contribution to Elephant Management and is funding the first work package focusing on risk factor analysis for reproduction. More funding will be needed to complete the work but a start can be made.

Tapir Reproduction Project Underway

Zoo and Wildlife Solutions are working with Vet, Adam Naylor and Dudley Zoo to undertake research into the reproduction of tapirs in UK zoos. By monitoring hormones produced in faeces we hope to better understand how husbandry,social groupings and stress influence successful reproduction.

For more information see the research page.

ZWS & BIAZA Preventative Medicine Workbook Published

Matt has produced a Preventative Medicine Workbook for BIAZA which is available to all BIAZA members free of charge.

This workbook provides guidance and a practical approach for you to develop a preventative medicine programme in conjunction with your veterinarian.

This document will ensure that your programme meets best practice requirements of both zoo licensing and balai directive programmes.