Mountain Marmoset Conservation Programme

The Mountain Marmoset Conservation Program is focused on the conservation of two endangered marmosets found in the mountainous regions of the South-eastern Atlantic Rainforest, Brazil. In the wild, the Buffy headed marmoset (Callithrix flaviceps) and the Buffy tufted-ear marmoset (Callithrix aurita) both face high levels of habitat fragmentation, population isolation and an increasingly acute threat from invasive marmoset species causing hybridization.

The programme has ex situ, education and community engagement components in addition to in situ activities.

Zoo and Wildlife Solutions has been facilitating the key Conservation Planning Workshop which aims to develop a coherent and co-ordinated in situ programme which will provide the core evidence for ex situ breeding and reintroduction. It is vital that we have a sound understanding of threats, current and historic distribution, habitat preferences feeding behaviour and social behaviour.

The workshop was held as a virtual workshop in Spring 2020 and the work plan is currently being produced.

Zoo and Wildlife Solutions is hoping to co-supervise two Masters studentships. these will both involve fieldwork in Brazil. Funding of £3-5,000 is required to fund these studies.

Survivability and Viability of Mountain Marmosets in Anthropogenic Habitats.
Social Structures and Behaviours in Mountain Marmosets

If you are interested in working in partnership with Zoo and Wildlife Solutions on this project please contact me.