Consultancy Supporting Conservation

Matt with Roloway Monkey

Zoo and Wildlife Solutions allows me the opportunity to contribute to my real passion - conservation. My work on European Ex Situ Programmes, my research portfolio and my field conservation work does not generate income and is supported by income from client's consultancy fees. This means that my time and travel is donated to my conservation work for no charge to the projects.

I have successfully applied for 2 competitive grants from the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation with my conservation partners 'West African Primate Conservation Action' to protect endangered primates in Ghana and with 'Helpsimus' to protect three species of lemur in Madagascar.

If you would like to join our partnerships or support one of the projects please do contact me. I have a number of projects that require support and funding and we are actively looking for partners to work with us on these opportunities. A contribution of £5,000 each would enable us to start these projects.

The species we are looking to work with include:

  • Eld's Deer in Cambodia
  • King Colobus in Sierra Leonne
  • Buffy Headed and Buffy Tufted-Eared Marmosets in Brazil